Bethesda Fountain In Musical Theater History


Bethesda Fountain Central Park New York City

In the middle of Central Park in New York City is a beautiful fountain plaza that holds a special place in musical theater history.

Today we are paying tribute to the role that Bethesda Fountain has played in the history of musical theater, and more specifically the history of film versions of Broadway musicals.

After having been the location of many of the counter culture meetups of the 1960s it was featured prominently in the film version of the Broadway musical Hair. The plaza, tunnel, and stairs was the location for many of the musical numbers from the musical.

Bethesda Terrace Central Park New York City

The plaza would also be featured in the film version of the musical Godspell. It would be the location for the end of the opening number and the introduction and baptism of Jesus through the beginning of God Save The People. It notably featured the cast entering the actual fountain in a baptism musical number.

It would also be featured in the remake of Producers based on the Broadway production, however, this was a quick appearance and was not as prominent as the earlier two musical films.

Also notable is the fountains significant role in the musical film Enchanted. While not a Broadway musical, it did feature notable stage and screen actors including Idina Menzel of Rent, Wicked, and Frozen fame.

Many locations from around New York have ended up as significant parts of musical theater history, and Bethesda Fountain and the accompanying terrace are no exception. Be sure to check it out if you ever make a trip to Central Park and are a fan of any of these films.