Predicting the Rest of 2020 For Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms 

Disney Magic Kingdoms Castle

Disney Magic Kingdoms is always putting out new updates based on Disney movies classic and modern. But with pretty much all upcoming Disney and Pixar films delayed, it has become more difficult to predict the future of this game as they usually add new films as they come out.

This may have even changed the updates of the game, as two Tower Challenges back to back is a strange choice that might have been making up for a lost update based on a now delayed upcoming film.

So we are going to try to predict what is going to be added to the game in the rest of 2020, and what might still change.

What We Know

We know the next update is going to be a cascading critters event, that will be shocking and ghoulish. We previously identified this as potentially bringing either Haunted Mansion characters of Lock, Shock, and Barrel from Nightmare Before Christmas to the game. We should get official acknowledgment of this update in the next week or two, and it will probably come out around the first week of October.

What's Next

Given that it is a Cascading Critters event, this will be shorter than a full event, meaning the next one may be around the end of October to the beginning of November.

If they wanted to tie this to the release of a new release, they could easily add characters from The Mandalorian, which is set to release season 2 on Disney Plus on October 30th. This release has been known for a while, and is one of few to not be delayed. They could add either just the titular Mandalorian and The Child, or more characters from season 1, or even ones from season 2. They have gotten hints at yet to be released content in the past to release it as it comes out before, like with Onward most recently, so maybe we could see rumored season 2 characters like Ashoka Tano and Sabine Wren. The game already has a Star Wars-themed section, making it easy to add additional characters.

This is just one option though.

We are probably looking at one major event and a couple of smaller events, although I think even the one major event could end up not happening.

I think at this point the one major event is almost definitely Soul. I think this may have been planned for the film's original release date back in June. With the film slated for release in November, it would be perfect timing for the last major event of the year.

The problem is, there is a good chance that Soul will end up delayed yet again. Disney has delayed a majority of its films as opposed to moving them to Disney Plus. Only a few have moved to the service, and they were films that were not expected to be big hits like Artemis Fowl and the controversial Mulan remake. Soul is set to be a big film, with it being floated as a potential Oscar contender in multiple categories.

Disney hasn't been releasing films in theaters at the moment, with many theaters around the world still closed due to the pandemic, and some open theaters being potentially dangerous to visit. Being a family company that really cares about its public image, releasing a children's film amidst a pandemic might not be what they want to do.

If this happens, we really don't know what they will do. If the movie is delayed soon, they will probably have time to still have an event ready in time, but if the film is delayed too late, it may be too late for them to make an event based on a classic Disney film in time. In that case, we can probably expect a few more smaller events.

Another prediction I hate to make is they are not going to be adding more land by the end of the year. They don't add it often enough to except it in the time remaining in 2020, which is disappointing as it is desperately needed.

Finally, if they add a classic Disney film there are a few choices they could make. We ran through a few in a previous video including Brave, Pinocchio, and more, but there are also more options. Inside Out, Mary Poppins, and Hunchback of Notre Dame would all be great additions to the game.