10 Facts About Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris

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Discoveryland Space Mountain Disneyland Paris Map

Space Mountain is the classic Tomorrowland attraction, but it got a thrilling and steampunk twist for its version in Discoveryland in Disneyland Paris.

1.  Three versions

In Paris, there have been three versions of Space Mountain, De la Terre a la Lune, Mission 2, and Hyperspace Mountain.

2. Discovery Mountain

Before it opened, the name of the attraction was supposed to be Discovery Mountain. They changed it very close to opening and you can still see some things in the ride with DM on it, that were installed prior to the name change.

3. Jules Verne

The ascetic of the ride inside and out is based on the works of Jules Verne. This is different than the space-age style theming of the rest of the versions around the world.

4. Launch

At the beginning of the ride, there is a sequence where you are in a rocket and where you get launched to space.

5. Opening

This ride opened as an expansion of Discoveryland in 1995, 3 years after the opening of the park.

6. Speed

This is the fastest version of the attraction in the world.

7. Loop

This ride is the only version of Space Mountain in the world that has inversions.

8. Composer

Michael Giacchino is the composer for the Mission Two version of the attraction. He was also the composer for Incredibles franchise and other versions of Space Mountain.

9. Star Wars

 In 2017, Hyperspace Mountain opened in Paris and has been there ever since. This version is based on Star Wars and was in Disneyland before Paris.

10. Launch

The ride is the only version of space mountain to feature a launch, in the opening tunnel with a lookout window to the outside.