Keep A Cap On Your Radiator And A Smile On Your Bumper Radiator Springs Racers Queue Sign

Keep A Cap On Your Bumper Radiator Springs Racers Queue Disney California Adventure

Every spot in a Disney Park is meticulously planned out with little special details hidden everywhere possible.

The queue line of Radiator Springs Racers finds places to fit in little details that make you feel like you are not only living in the world of Cars, but also on a little roadside rest stop just off Route 66 ready for you to spend the night.

The queue and station of Radiator Springs Racers takes you into the Comfy Caverns, a roadside hotel built into the caves of Radiator Springs. The walls are filled with helpful (for cars) signs about self-care and taking a rest that you would expect in a classic style hotel in a small town located along the historic Route 66.

The sign we are showcasing today is the "Keep a cap on your radiator and a smile on your bumper" sign. It feels like a saying you could actually see on the wall of an old-time gas station.

This is one of those little details that makes Cars Land so special. It fully transports you to the world of Lightning McQueen and Radiator Springs with it really feeling like the world you are exploring was made for Cars, not people.

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