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Rock N Roller Coaster Guitar Disney's Hollywood Studios

Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith attempts to turn all the thrills of a rock concert into a high speed roller coaster featuring the music of Aerosmith.

This ride takes you on a super stretch limo from G Force records to sit backstage in a rock concert.

It is the most intense coaster at Walt Disney World and features a launch an multiple inversions in this high speed roller coaster.

Thrill Rating 10/10

This ride features a 60mph launch, and goes upside down three separate times. It is the most intense ride in all of Walt Disney World.


G Force Records Sign Rock N Roller Coaster Disney World

Rock N Roller Coaster Entrance Arch At Night Disney's Hollywood Studios

COVID19 Information

The preshow is temporarily inactive due to COVID19.

Only alternating rows are being used on the actual coaster.

Special Information

This ride was altered after over a decade to remove a gesture Steven Tyler made in the preshow that Disney considered obscene. They had not noticed it until then.