Bubblegum Wall Outside Project Tomorrow Epcot

Project Tomorrow Bubblegum Wall Epcot Disney World
Disney has been developing new Instagram Walls constantly over the last few years, but a few of these walls happened naturally before Disney themselves got in on promoting the walls, and even making merchandise for them.

The Bubblegum Wall is one of these walls that just happened naturally. People loved its pink and light blue designs and they quickly became one of the most popular photo locations for social media users in Epcot.

This wall is located at the entrance/ exit of Project Tomorrow on both sides of Future World.

With the future of this area of the park and Project Tomorrow itself uncertain amid the COVID19 pandemic and with budgets for all Disney Parks projects in a constant state of flux, we don't know how long the Bubblegum Wall will stay at Epcot or if it will be reincorporated into the design of the area when it eventually becomes World Celebration.

For now let us appreciate it, and get in photos of and with it while we can before the complete transformation of Epcot continues, potentially taking this wall with it as the Spaceship Earth post show is reimagined.