What A Bug's Life Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

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Flik Character Meet and Greet A Bug's Land Disney California Adventure Disneyland

A Bug's Life was the second Pixar film, and it remains an incredibly popular part of the Disney canon to this day. It would make a great addition to Disney Magic Kingdoms.

Today we are looking at what characters and attractions from the film would be a good addition to Disney Magic Kingdoms game.

I would assume that this update is going to be a permanent content update. It is a good fit for Adventureland, where the game is currently adding land with permanent content updates.

Flik and Princess Atta in a Parade Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

First, the two most likely characters that could be added to the game are Flik and Princess Atta. They are the two most significant characters in the film and the most prominent in the Disney Parks in the time after the film's release.

I also think that there is a chance of adding Dot to the game, but I wonder if they would add three ants given that there are so many other significant characters in the film.

Hopper Statue A Bug's Land It's Tough To Be a Bug Queue Line Disney California Adventure Disneyland

The next most likely character I would assume is Hopper. He is the villain of the film and probably its most iconic character beyond the ants. If he was not included in an update then it would be strange.

Francis Ladybug Statue A Bug's Land Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Beyond these three, I think any other characters added would be the members of the circus troupe from the film. Francis, Heimlich, Slim, Manny, Gypsy, Rosie, and Tuck and Roll would all be good additions to the game, although I don't think all of them would be added as the biggest Disney Magic Kingdoms updates tend to add a max of 7 characters.

As for what characters would be left out, my guess would be Tuck and Roll. They are somewhat smaller characters, and could easily be used in an attraction or parade to keep them in the game.

There are plenty of rides that could be included based on the film as well.

The easiest would be It's Tough To Be A Bug, the show based on the film currently found in Disney's Animal Kingdom and formerly located in Disney California Adventure. Considering the game already has the Tree of Life, where the show is located, I would guess the attraction would be based on either the interior theatre or the Disneyland version of the show.

A Bug's Life Archway Disney California Adventure Disneyland

The game could also always steal a few rides from the lost A Bug's Land from Disney California Adventure.

Heimlich Chew Chew Train Sign A Bug's Life Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Personally, I really want to see Heimlich's Chew Chew Train in the game, but Flik's Flyers or the other rides could be good additions as well.

Flik and Princess Atta Bug's Life Characters In Parade Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

A Bug's Life is a classic, and hopefully, it can be incorporated into Disney Magic Kingdoms soon!