Has Disney Magic Kingdoms Become Too Expensive?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms 50th Anniversary Cinderella Castle

The last few Disney Magic Kingdoms updates have gotten increasingly controversial as prices for premium characters have skyrocketed and events have become largely impossible to finish without paying for these premium content characters. Combine this with chests with terrible odds being the only way to get popular characters, and the game is getting an increasing number of complaints with each update. 

These complaints have been peaking with the Haunted Mansion Tower Challenge, where two of the characters are only available through an expensive Spooky Chest, and you have an incredibly low chance of actually getting the characters in the chest if you do buy it.

Meanwhile Gus, the gems character, costs an incredibly high 500 gems, and Hatbox Ghost is the final character of the Tower Challenge.

So is the game becoming too expensive?

As a long time player of this game, I have long defended the game, saying that it was merely that events are not meant to be completed by newer players who haven't gotten through a lot of the main storyline. But it has now gotten to the point where even I, who typically gets both premium characters with gems I save up between events, find it near impossible to finish events. Also the Haunted Mansion Tower Challenge has been even worse than those, and almost all of the fan complaints have been completely warranted.

Freemium games obviously have to make money. But when it is practically impossible to play the game without (expensive) in app purchases it becomes difficult to play the game.

Disney Magic Kingdoms is an incredibly fun game if you are a Disney Parks fan, and hopefully this is something the game can resolve in future updates, because it certainly appears they have reached a breaking point for many players.