5 Fun Facts About Steel Force at Dorney Park

Coaster Round-Up

Steel Force Roller Coaster Small Hill Dorney Park

Steel Force is the hyper coaster located at Dorney Park and it is one of the most popular attractions in the amusement park.

Here are five fun facts about this iconic and thrilling roller coaster.

1. Logo

Steel Force Entrance Logo Dorney Park

The logo and character for this ride were originally intended for a ride at Cedar Point, before being utilized on this ride.

2. Tunnels

Steel Force Roller Coaster Train Entering The Tunnel Dorney Park

This ride features two side-by-side blue tunnels that the ride travels through on both its first drop and in the last section of airtime hills.

3. Coasters

Steel Force Queue Line Entrance Dorney Park

This is one of only 7 hyper coasters in the world made by Morgan Manufacturing.

4. Opening

Steel Force Camelback Hill Dorney Park Roller Coaster

This ride originally opened in May of 1997.

5. Former Interaction

Steel Force Roller Coaster Airtime Hill Dorney Park

This coaster was originally designed to fit next to the now-defunct wooden roller coaster at the park, Hercules, which was also located along the edge of the park.