Clarice Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

Clarice Character Walt Disney World

Clarice is an incredibly obscure Disney character that has recently been making a shocking resurgence in the last few years. After not appearing in the Disney Parks for decades, she began making somewhat regular appearances.

Clarice appeared in one classic short alongside Chip and Dale, in which both competed for her affection, and while she did make infrequent appearances in the early years of Disneyland, she would not make any more appearances in future animated shorts, only keeping up a slightly higher profile in some international countries.

Clarice Mouskedance It Parade Magic Kingdom Disney World

But she gradually began appearing in various parades and dance parties in recent years, giving her levels of prominence that she had never received before.

Clarice has made her way back to the parks in fun and suprising ways and we are gratefull this rare character is getting some appriciation.