Original Dinoland USA Mickey and Friends Characters Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

Mickey Mouse Dinoland USA Disney's Animal Kingdom Disney World

If you are visiting the Disney Parks, one of the few things you can be certain of is that you will find Mickey Mouse and his friends in every park, usually in special outfits fitting the lands they are meeting in.

During the early years of Disney's Animal Kingdom Dinoland USA was home for many of the Mickey and friends characters at the park. While they had permanent meet and greet locations in Camp Minnie Mickey, they also had a character meal in Restaurantosaurus.

Donald Duck Original Dinoland USA Outfit Disney's Animal Kingdom

Characters from Mickey to Donald to Goofy appeared in special dinosaur-themed outfits that were fitting of the roadside attraction theme of the land.

Goofy in Dinoland USA Disney's Animal Kingdom

These outfits were fun, and it was a shame when they were retired when the character meal ended in this section of the park.

Characters have begun to return to this section of the park, with newly designed dinosaur-themed outfits, it is still fun to look back on the original costumes these characters wore when they appeared in the land.