Jurassic Park River Adventure Universal Studios Hollywood: Extinct Universal Tribute

Entrance Jurassic Park River Adventure Lower Lot Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is constantly changing, with attractions being replaced more often than pretty much any other Universal park due to the small size of the park. But one of the longest-lasting attractions at the park was the Jurassic Park attraction.

Velociraptor Statue Outside Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride Universal Studios Hollywood

This was the first attraction in any Universal theme park based on Jurassic Park, and it soon became a staple for Universal theme parks, having a version open up in every Universal theme park in the world (although the Singapore version was very different).

Velociraptor Jurassic Park Raptor Encounter Universal Studios Hollywood

This ride would be joined by various side offerings over the years, notably the Raptor Encounter in the later years of the attraction.

Jurassic Park Raptor Encounter Universal Studios Hollywood

This show allowed you to meet some of the dinos from the Jurassic Park universe up close and personal just outside the ride.

Jurassic Park Section of the Lower Lot Universal Studios Hollywood

The entire Jurassic Park section of the park, including the Jurassic Park ride, into a new Jurassic World section, including a once again first of its kind Jurassic World attraction, but there are still Jurassic Park references on the park's studio tour.