Is Disney Magic Kingdoms Getting a Luca Event

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Luca and Alberto Talk at Night Pixar Luca Disney

A few months ago we made some predictions for what Disney films would be added to Disney Magic Kingdoms throughout 2021. So far we correctly identified both events, even if the timing was off on Ratatouille. But now, with Disney Magic Kingdoms revealing hints for what the entire year has in store, we are redoing our predictions based on these new pieces of information.

The major clue was that a future update would be making a splash.

This points to some movie being added featuring water. Considering most Disney and Pixar films that involve water have already made their way to the game, notably Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid, this removes most of the obvious options.

Except one.

Luca and Alberto As Sea Monsters Underwater Pixar Luca Disney

This summer, Pixar is set to release Luca, a film about two water monsters who disguise themselves as humans in a small Italian waterside town. This easily fits the splash clue, and could be a great summer update for Disney Magic Kingdoms to use to promote the film.

While Disney Magic Kingdoms did not feature any new films in updates throughout the first year of the pandemic following Onward, Raya and the Last Dragon coming to the game suggests that this practice is going to be returning.

Luca Sea Monster In the Light Pixar's Luca Disney

This probably would not be the next update, considering Luca is set to be released in June, but it could easily be the summer update this year, with one or two new updates in between the Raya and Luca updates.

While it hasn't been released yet, the trailer looks fun for this film and it will surely be a great addition to the game.

Luca and Alberto On Bike In The Air Pixar Luca Disney