Everything We Know About Disney's Fantasy Springs Expansion

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Fantasy Springs Waterfall Tokyo DisneySea Concept Art Disney

Fantasy Springs was an expansion announced to be coming to Tokyo DisneySea involving new rides based on Tangled, Frozen, and Peter Pan. But now with the expansion potentially coming to Disneyland as well, it's time to look deeper into everything coming to this land.

So let us take a look at the theme of this land as well as what we know about every attraction in the upcoming land.

The land itself is set to feature a special theme to tie all of the films together, with them being united by a magical water spring that also causes depictions of the characters to appear in rock formations between the sections.

So now let's go through all the sections of the park and discuss what the rides are rumored to be in each section of the land.


Tangled Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Concept Art

The Tangled section of this land is set to hold only one attraction, a boat ride retelling the story of the modern classic movie, potentially including an outside portion.

This is not supposed to be one of the main attractions of the land, so think something along the lines of Navi River Journey as opposed to Pirates of the Caribbean or It's a Small World. A moderately themed and sized water-based dark ride, using its own unique ride system that will differentiate it from anything that has come before.

The Tangled section will also feature a recreation of the Snuggly Duckling.


The Frozen section is set to feature one of the main rides in the land. It is rumored to be featuring a Frozen-themed ride using the Shanghai Pirates of the Caribbean ride system, not an exact Frozen Ever After clone. But the Disneyland concept art does appear to have a clone of Frozen Ever After, suggesting either these rumors are wrong or the Disneyland version may not be an exact clone.

This section will also house a restaurant as well, although the theme is still unknown.

Peter Pan

Neverland Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Concept Art

The Peter Pan section will be the biggest part of the land and will be the only section that contains two rides.

One of these rides sounds like a reimagined modern-day version of Peter Pan's Flight, likely using a better and higher capacity ride system. It also will reportedly utilize some simulator elements as well. This sounds like an experience similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey even if it does not use the same ride system. This would be the main ride of the section if not the entire Fantasy Springs land.

The other ride is more of a mystery. We know it is based on the Tinkerbelle film franchise, but that is about it. It is going to be a smaller outside attraction, but that's about all we know. Disney did consider building a flat ride based on the Tinkerbelle series for New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, so maybe this is a reuse or evolution of that concept.


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