The History of the Partners Statue at the Disney Parks

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Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Partners Statue Hub Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland

The Partners Statue is the classic statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse found in the hub of many Disney Parks. It depicts Walt looking out at all the people visiting his creations while holding hands with his most famous character.

Today the Partners Statue seems like it has always been there, a natural fit for the center of the hub of so many castle parks, being found most Disney Parks around the world except Disneyland Paris, where it is found in their second park Walt Disney Studios, Shanghai Disneyland where Storytellers Statue is presented in its place, and Hong Kong Disneyland where it is absent entirely. But it is actually a more modern addition, and was even somewhat controversial when it was announced.

Enchanted Tiki Room Bird Mobile Adventureland Disneyland

The statue was designed by Disney Imagineer and animator Blaine Gibson, most famous in the Disney Parks for his sculpture work. He famously designed the head of the first forty two presidents featured in the Hall of Presidents, with Barrack Obama being the first one done after his retirement, although still with minimal involvement from him. His work is seen in characters in attractions from the Haunted Mansion to the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Partners Statue In Front Of Sleeping Beauty Castle At Night Disneyland

The initial plan was for a statue of Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse eating ice cream, but to ensure there didn't appear to be a parent child relationship between Mickey and Walt this was removed from the final design.

There was some criticism of the statue as Walt didn't want himself featured in the parks, but it became an iconic part of the park almost instantly.

It was first added to Disneyland in 1993, and has expanded to four locations in Disney Parks since then, and an additional statue being located on the Disney backlot.

Partners Statue With Cinderella Castle Cake Behind It Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Most of these statues are located in the hubs of their park, with Walt and Mickey looking at the entrance. The exception is in Paris where it is located in the hub of Walt Disney Studios, which was the only park to open with a version of the statue and was the final one installed in 2002.

Partners Statue Disneyland Hub Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

This is a wonderful tribute to the man who made the magic and the public persona that has always been a huge part of the Disney brand. Uncle Walt continues to be a part of many of the parks created based on the company he built, and will still be for years to come.