10 Facts and Secrets About Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Rhino in Kilimanjaro Safari Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom has the largest Disney ride ever built, Kilimanjaro Safari, and it is one of the most immersive experiences in any theme park around the world.

In tribute to this ride we are sharing 10 secrets and facts about this attraction at Walt Disney World.

1. Hidden Mickey

There is a giant Hidden Mickey within the flamingo exhibit.

2. Night

The ride offers slightly altered night safari experiences ever since the opening of Pandora World of Avatar at the park.

3. Sad Ending

The ride was originally supposed to have an ending where you passed by a dead elephant who had been poached. It was removed due to its horrific nature.

4. Custom Vehicles

Even though the ride vehicles are designed to look like trucks, they are actually custom-built ride vehicles.

5. Little Red

Originally the ride featured a scene with an animatronic elephant being saved from poachers.

6. Jungle Cruise

Kilimanjaro Safari Entrance Sign Disney's Animal Kingdom Disney World

The ride was inspired by Walt Disney's original intentions to utilize live animals in Disneyland's Jungle Cruise.

7. Fans

There are hidden cooling areas within some exhibits to lure animals into locations more in view of guests.

8. Size

This one ride is actually larger than the entire Magic Kingdom theme park.

9. Unique

Every ride on this attraction is different due to the nature of animals always being unpredictable.

10. Stranded

You have a chance of getting stranded on this attraction, as Disney can not move animals if they block the ride path.