5 Facts About Beetlejuice The Broadway Musical


Beetlejuice Musical Marquee Winter Garden Theatre Broadway

Broadway recently had a wonderful musical adaptation of the classic film Beetlejuice grace the Winter Garden Theatre. Here are five fun facts about this Broadway musical.

1. Limited Time Playbills

Presley Ryan Signing Autographs at Beetlejuice Musical Stage Door

Through much of the latter half of the show's run, it featured exclusive limited-time monthly Playbills featuring different characters and locations from the show.

2. Score

This musical had a score by Australian composer Eddie Perfect, also known on Broadway for his work on the King Kong musical.

3. Early Closing

The show closed a few months early due to the COVID19 pandemic. It is set to reopen at a different theater in April 2022.

4. Playbill Competition

The show held a competition to design the final Playbill that would be featured on Broadway. Unfortunately, the chosen Playbill was never used due to the early closure of the show.

5. Film Songs

Beetlejuice Musical at the Winter Garden Theatre Broadway

This show featured multiple songs from the film it was based on, including Day-O and Jump In The Line.