What Will Be The Next Attraction Removed From The Magic Kingdom

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The Magic Kingdom is the most visited Disney Park in the world, and its attractions are some of the most iconic in the world. But the rides are constantly changing with the times, and just as Walt Disney said, the park will never be finished and even some of the most popular attractions might not be around forever.

So today we are speculating on what the next attraction to be removed from the Magic Kingdom will be. This will take into consideration current rumors and if other versions of the attraction have closed. We will also not be including rides currently announced to be closing that has yet to actually close (Splash Mountain).

First, we are going to discuss the Tomorrowland Speedway. Versions of Autopia are closing at an increasing pace around the world, and this could easily be the next one. It is on a massive plot of land, between two of the parks most popular lands that could easily be put to better use.

The version of this attraction in Tokyo being closed allowed for an entire Beauty and the Beast land to be built and the Hong Kong version has since been replaced by an Iron Man attraction and is set to receive a Marvel expansion on the same plot of land as well. This is just to show how much could be put on this land.

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The argument against this attraction being closed is that if they were to do it, they just missed their best chance to remove it alongside the Tron expansion. They put more work into this ride by shortening it, suggesting it will still be around for at least the near future.

I would not discount the possibility of an overlay on the attraction though, potentially with a sponsorship like Disneyland, electric cars, or a Disney IP infusion.

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Staying in Tomorrowland, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor could potentially be the next attraction to close in the park. First of all, it has yet to reopen following the pandemic, and it is already the longest-running attraction in the theater that holds it. This could be the perfect time to close the attraction.

But, Disney is currently making investments into the Monsters Inc franchise with Monsters at Work coming to Disney Plus, and that might make this show more popular at the park. It is certainly a possibility, but maybe not the most likely.

Another attraction that could be an option for the next one to close could be the Swiss Family Treehouse. This is based on a film not many people remember, and is one of the least popular in the park. It also has been replaced in Disneyland by a Tarzan-themed overlay that could easily come to the Magic Kingdom.

But, Disney is also set to reboot Swiss Family Robinson on Disney Plus, and that could give this walkthrough new popularity if it is a success.

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So which of these will be the next to close?

If I had to guess, I would say it is probably the Tomorrowland Speedway. I cannot see this ride surviving the decade, at least in its current form, something I cannot say about any of the other attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

It isn't futuristic and it isn't anything special to a Disney Park anymore. By the 2030s the world will be largely transitioning to electric cars, and a ride featuring gas cars will be laughable in Tomorrowland. It is also huge, and easy to remove, and Disney will likely have to address it at some point in the future, whether it is for a retheme or replacement.