Past Versions of Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom: Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Tomorrowland Pillars Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

One of the most constantly changing lands in the Magic Kingdom is Tomorrowland. Almost nothing form the opening day remains in this land, and you can look back upon several different versions from the past of this land.

The original version featured a classic space age inspired design, filled with sleek whites, blues, and purples, notably featuring massive pillars at the entrance of the land.

Original Version of Tomorrowland Retro Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

The land was all simplified elements that gave it a simple futuristic look, and allowed more detailed elements of the land like the Star Jets to pop.

Classic Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Eventually this version of the land would fall out of favor as various elements actually happened in the real world, and it would gradually be replaced.

Skyway Tomorrowland Station Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Some elements would be replaced, while others would be removed entirely, notably the entire Skyway attraction.

Extraterrorestrial Alien Encounter Ride Entrance Sign At Night Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

The original Tomorrowland would be replaced with a new vision for the land in the 1990s as an alien spaceport. This version of the land is has also begun its decline in recent years, making way for a new Tomorrowland we have yet to experience.