The Original Version of Test Track: Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Test Track Antilock Breaks Scene Original Epcot Walt Disney World

Epcot's Test Track is one of its most popular rides, but the current attraction is actually the second version of this classic part of Epcot at Walt Disney World, being a more modernized version of the original attraction.

The original Test Track opened in 1999 as one of the first major thrill attractions in Epcot. Themed as a testing facility for General Motors automobiles, it invited you to take a ride on a car being put through its paces on various tests.

Test Track Original Version Ride Vehicle Epcot Walt Disney World

After walking through a testing facility, you board a test car and serve as a real-life dummy, going through different tests of the performance of the vehicle in various adverse conditions.

Test Track Biomaterial Display Original Epcot Future World Walt Disney World

After your ride, you could walk through a display room filled with some of the latest cars from General Motors as well as interactive exhibits about cars and energy.

Test Track Original Version Seatbelt Check Epcot Walt Disney World

This version of Test Track would close in 2012. It was growing outdated, and General Motors had gone through a very public bankruptcy that hurt the reputation of the company. When it came time for Disney to renew the sponsorship agreement, the company choose to redo the attraction, this time based on their Chevrolet brand.

Test Track General Motors Epcot Walt Disney World

The ride would close in April and reopen in December that same year.

The new version would feature most of the same effects but within a computer simulation-style environment instead of a traditional physical testing facility. It is really up to personal preference which was better, as they really were two entirely different approaches to the same experience.