Review: Wicked Cyclone Six Flags New England

Coaster Round Up

Wicked Cyclone Six Flags New England Roller Coaster From Outside The Park

Wicked Cyclone is one of the best roller coasters at Six Flags New England, being an RMC hybrid reimagining of the park's classic Cyclone attraction, and it has one of the longest ride durations of any hybrid roller coaster. The ride opened in 2015 at the park and became one of the two most iconic coasters at the park alongside Superman The Ride.

The coaster begins with a turn into the lift hill, before dropping down the largest hill. It then goes through its layout three times, weaving in and out of the supports.

The ride picks up an impressive speed on the first drop, reaching 55 miles per hour while turning into a massive higly banked turn before passing over an airtime hill and heading into the first inversion which takes place in the supports of the lift hill.

The ride then goes through a few more banked turns before going through a double down and an airtime hill. The track then goes past the initial banked turn, going through a a turn that banks back and forth multiple times.

Once emerging from this turn it travels through another inversion followed by yet another small airtime hill. The ride then goes through another large turn, this time near the entrance of the queue line beneath a larger turn.

Wicked Cyclone Lift Hill RMC Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

At this point the ride looses a bit of speed and simply passes through a series of banked airtime moments near to the ground as it makes its way gradually to the station, with one last airtime moment before the end.

This coaster really has two distinct halves, the first half which has speed and intensity, and the later half which focuses on fitting as much airtime into the remaining layout as possible with minimal speed and height left.

Wicked Cyclone Roller Coaster RMC Train Passing Entrance Six Flags New England

This is definitly in the higher tier of hybrid attractions from RMC, and it is probably the second best roller coaster at Six Flags New England. There are tons of moments of airtime of varying intensity, and when this ride keeps up its speed it is an amazing experience.