Review and First Reactions: Loki Premiere Glorious Purpose

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Loki Standing In Front of TVA Machine In Avengers Outfit Disney Plus Marvel

The latest Marvel Disney Plus original series Loki has just premiered today on Disney Plus giving yet another unique take on a tale within the Marvel universe, introducing new elements to the MCU.

Here is a review and some first reactions to the first new episode of Loki.

Spoiler Warning

Loki Lying Down in the Gobi Desert Sand Marvel Disney Plus

The episode begins by replaying some of the events of Avengers Endgame before Loki escapes with the Tessaract to the Gobi Desert.

Loki Being Punched in Slow Motion in the Gobi Desert

Here he is met by some natives who he does not understand before some mysterious armed agents appear and take him prisoner.

Miss Minute Animated TVA Clock Marvel Disney Plus Loki

Loki gradually learns through a series of short meetings and an animated informational message, that he has been taken by the TVA, an intergalactic agency that regulates the timeline ensuring that it does not split off into various multiverses.

Animated Time Keepers TVA Loki Disney Plus

This is done at the direction of the Timekeepers who in the distant past prevented the continuation of a multiverse war by making only a single timeline. Now, whenever a variant emerges in the timeline they are brought here to stand trial and if found guilty, be reset.

TVA Trial Queue Line Glorious Purpose Loki Disney Plus Marvel

While awaiting trial, Loki watches another prisoner be reset, a process that appears to be simply disintegration, and chooses to comply with the guards.

Loki at His Own Trial TVA Disney Plus Series Marvel

At his trial, it is explained that while the Avengers were intended to mess with the timeline, Loki was not meant to escape, now leaving him guilty of being an unintended timeline variant. After attempting and failing to escape with his powers, which do not work in this realm, he pleads guilty.

Loki Standing Trial Time Variance Authority TVA Marvel Disney Plus

He is sentenced to be reset, before an agent who is shown to be an expert at more complicated timeline threats intervenes to recruit him.

City in the Time Variance Authority Loki Disney Plus Marvel

Loki is shown various elements of what appears to be a massive city at the TVA before being brought to an interrogation room.

Loki in Interrogation Room TVA Marvel Disney Plus

There he is shown elements of his past where he is manipulated for a purpose that is not made immediately clear, as well as select moments from his future.

Loki as D B Cooper Glorious Purpose Marvel Disney Plus

As a part of this, we significantly learn that Loki was the historical mysterious D B Cooper thief who hijacked a plane for money in 1971.

A Drawer Full of Infinity Stones Loki First Episode Marvel Disney Plus

Eventually, after being left alone, Loki escapes and manages to reclaim the tesseract, notably from an entire drawer of infinity stones, which are described as useless by one of the inhabitants of this world.

Loki Watching His Future in the TVA Glorious Purpose Disney Plus Marvel

He eventually backtraces to the interrogation room he was held in and utilizes the same device used to manipulate him to view his future, the elements of the timeline after the events of the first Avengers that he will never experience.

Loki Sitting In TVA Prison Jumpsuit Disney Plus Marvel

After he is found by the agent who was interrogating him, he tries to explain his past evil actions as being done out of necessity, and his dismay at losing his life.

Loki's future in this timeframe of events seems uncertain, with relatively no answers so far as to what he will be doing throughout the series beyond helping this organization.

TVA Agents Being Burned Alive Loki Premiere Disney Plus

There are throughout the episodes, hints at a larger threat to the TVA and the timeline, with agents killed on multiple missions by a mysterious unseen person at various points in time.

With the MCU almost certainly about to enter the multiverse in the upcoming Doctor Strange and Spiderman films, the events of this series may be the most consequential yet out of the Marvel outings on Disney Plus.

Miss Minute Animated Character TVA Loki Disney Plus Marvel

Loki so far has been a fun entry in the Marvel universe, exploring a unique corner of the multiverse, with huge potential implications on future events in the franchise. While little was revealed by the first episode it raised a number of questions that have yet to be answered and will surely play a big role as Marvel continues exploring time within the upcoming phase of the MCU.

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