What Pinocchio Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add To The Game?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Pinocchio and Geppetto Characters Holding Hands Fantasyland Disneyland

One of the biggest and most popular Disney films yet to be added to Disney Magic Kingdoms is Pinocchio. As one of the earliest films made by the company, it remains one of few films made by Walt Disney himself not in the game.

We are going to speculate on what characters and attractions will be added to the game based on this film when an update eventually comes to the game.

Pinocchio and Geppetto Signing Autographs in Fantasyland Disneyland

I think this update could inspire either a permanent content update or a limited-time event. Recently the game has used older films for permanent content and saved limited time events for newer films, but this is also a much higher profile film than most older Disney movies. I think it would really depend on the timing which it became.

Pinocchio and Geppetto Walking Through Fantasyland Disneyland Characters

First Pinocchio and Geppetto would be the most likely characters to be added to the game. Their relationship is the driving force behind the film, and an update based on the game would have to include them.

Jiminy Cricket Signing Autographs in Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

Next, Jiminy Cricket would almost certainly be added as well. Not only is he an iconic part of this film, but he is one of the most iconic Disney characters of all time. His addition would be a natural fit for the game and this update.

While there are other characters in the film that are great, I think that those three are by far the most likely, and if it's a smaller permanent content update, or they decided to do Pinocchio in two separate updates this could be it.

Figaro could also be a good addition but is a bit of a small character in the film which could cause them to be left out.

Beyond these three, I think the next two additions would be Gideon and Honest John. If one is added, I would expect the other to come as well as they are really a pair of characters. As villains in the movie, they could open up some interesting storylines where they tempt Pinocchio with various bad deeds.

Other than the ones already mentioned, there are only two other characters I think have a chance of coming to the game, and each of them would probably be the least likely to be added just due to the size of the character.

Blue Fairy Mural Pinocchio's Daring Journey Disneyland

The Blue Fairy and Stromboli are each smaller characters in the film, but have become iconic parts of Disney lore. While both could be good additions, due to their smaller size maybe they will be featured in another way, like through a parade float or an attraction.

Moving on, there are plenty of inspirations for attractions in the Disney Parks to inspire rides.

Pinocchio and Geppetto Animatronics Pinocchio's Daring Journey Ride Disneyland

Pinocchio's Daring Journey would be the most obvious addition as the main ride based on the film in any park.

Pinocchio Village Haus could also be added as a restaurant based on the film located in multiple parks over the years.

There are also plenty of things in the film that could inspire an attraction, from Pleasure Island, to Monstro, to Stromboli's puppet show.

Pinocchio could be a great update to the game, and hopefully, it will come to the game at some point in the future.