Why Do Aladdin Characters Meet In Morocco in Epcot?

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Princess Jasmine and Aladdin Signing Autographs in Morocco Epcot Walt Disney World

Throughout much of Epcot's history, various characters from Aladdin have meet guests in the Morocco Pavilion of the World Showcase. Characters including Aladdin, Jasmine, and even Genie have made appearances here to meet with guests.

But why do they meet here, so far from their home kingdom of Agrabah?

Morocco Pavilion Archway Epcot World Showcase Walt Disney World

Agrabah is set as a Middle Eastern kingdom, which would be located nowhere near modern-day nor historical Morocco. 

So how did these characters end up here for you to meet with them?

Morocco Pavilion Pathways Epcot World Showcase Walt Disney World

Well if you ask them, they will typically inform you that they are on a royal visit to the kingdom representing the kingdom of Agrabah.

Tower of Terror Behind Epcot's Morocco Pavilion Walt Disney World

This is a nice fun little detail that just shows you how much detail Disney puts into every piece of the Disney Parks.

Just characters being in the wrong section of the world leads to an in-depth backstory to explain how they ended up in this new locale, and knowing the backstory can make meet and greets with these characters (whenever they are safe again) a lot more fun.