The Originally Planned Version of Rocket Rods: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland

Rocket Rods Ride Track With The Matterhorn Behind It Tomorrowland Disneyland 1998

One of the most famous failed Disney attractions of all time was Rocket Rods, a short lived attraction that replaced Circlevision and the Peoplemover in Disneyland. This was the major new attraction of a drastically budget cut Tomorrowland refurb, but those same budget cuts led to maintenance issues that killed the ride. But this was not the original plan.

As part of a never built redo of Tomorrowland in Disneyland called Tomorrowland 2055. It would have transformed the land into a city in a fictionalized version of the year 2055 showcasing various future technology.

Rocket Rods was set to be a thrill ride showcasing faster future transportation methods throughout the land's attractions just as the Peoplemover had before it.

The ride was one of few elements that survived Tomorrowland 2055 being canceled, but in a drastically smaller capacity.

During construction, Disney would not alter the Peoplemover track with the banked curves that the ride system desperately needed due to budget cuts, and this would end up dooming the ride to constant breakdowns that would cause it to be so short lived at the park.

Rocket Rods was an idea that was great in theory, and poor in execution and is one of many failures at the company following the failure of Euro Disneyland.

Today the Peoplemover traps remain abandoned in the center of Tomorrowland, not utilized for anything more than decoration.