What Will Replace Goliath at Six Flags New England

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Goliath Inverted Boomerang Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

Evidence is mounting that Goliath is not going to be returning to Six Flags New England after being left closed for the 2021 season. This ride has been infamously a maintenance nightmare during its time at Six Flags New England, and it occupies a moderately sized plot of land at the park.

So today I am talking about what I would do to replace this attraction, before going into what I think will replace it.

What I Would Do

Goliath is only a moderately sized coaster so nothing extremely elaborate could replace it. But with Flashback nearby, another aging and only moderately popular roller coaster, I think there is a somewhat decent chance that it will be removed alongside Goliath, which would grant a bit more space for an expansion.

What the park really needs more than anything at the moment is some kind of launch coaster. Given the history of Six Flags building multiple similar rides in a row I would imagine this to be either a custom launched coaster from Premier Rides similar to West Coast Racers, or a Max Force style ride from

West Coast Racers itself replaced the former plot of Goliath so this is definitely a possibility, and I think would likely be the better option. With the park losing one or two of their smaller scale multi loopers then I think this is what would be a better replacement. 

If they aren't going to replace the ride with a launch coaster, then I think the best option would be a water ride. Six Flags New England has removed several over the years and now only has Blizzard River. Adding another in this area might be a good idea, and a major rumor for this plot of land is Mack Power Splash.

Another thing I think would be a good idea for this land could be an RMC Raptor. There are still very few of these in the eastern United States so I think it could be a great draw for the park, even if it was only a clone of the original layout. This would also give the park another multi looper that they would need if Goliath goes away.

What Will Happen

My personal bet is that this will end up being replaced by a Mack PowerSplash. This is what all the rumors are pointing to at the moment, and it would give the park a water ride, and somewhat of a launch coaster.

Flashback Boomerang Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

Flashback and Goliath have never been the most popular roller coasters in the park, so getting rid of the two boomerangs for any new major addition could be a great way to breathe some new life into the park as it emerges from the COVID19 pandemic.


  1. please dont get rid of flashback at six flags new england i love that ride


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