1990s Donald Duck Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

1990s Donald Duck Character Meeting Guests at Disneyland Hotel

Disney characters change over the years, and even the classic Mickey and Friends characters may look different the next time you visit the parks. Today we are paying tribute to the 1990s version of Donald Duck in the Disney Parks.

Donald Duck at Disneyland Hotel Character Meal 1990s

During the 1990s, Donald appeared with a lighter-colored sailor suit and looked a little different whenever he met guests at various Disney Parks around the world.

Donald Duck 1990s Mickey's Toontown Disneyland

Donald and various other Disney characters have evolved over the years in the Disney Parks, just as they have on-screen in various animated appearances. It is great to look back on the history of the characters to help you appreciate the present, and where current parts of the park have come from.