The Backstory of Frozen Ever After at Epcot Walt Disney World

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Frozen Ever After Ride Norway Entrance World Showcase Epcot Walt Disney World

Frozen Ever After is the first-ever ride-through attraction based on Frozen in the Disney Parks, and it tells a unique story taking place in the Frozen universe with all of the famous characters of Arendelle making an appearance.

We are going to take you through the full backstory of this attraction in its Walt Disney World version.

This ride takes place in between the two Frozen films, at some point after the events of the Frozen Fever short film, although its placement in relation to the events of Olaf's Frozen Adventure is not made immediately clear, it is assumed to take place in between these two shorts.

Summer Snow Day Poster Frozen Ever After Queue Line Epcot Walt Disney World

This ride takes place on a new holiday that is being celebrated to honor Elsa's coronation and the public reveal of her powers. The Kingdom of Arendelle has decided that they are going to be celebrating a Summer Snow Day, where Elsa will use her powers to cover all of Arendelle in snow, on purpose this time.

Anna and Kristoff Animatronics Frozen Ever After Ride Epcot Walt Disney World

To celebrate the new holiday, the kingdom is offering boat tours of the realm while it is covered in magical snow, providing the excuse for your ride through the kingdom.

On your journey, you travel through the woods surrounding Arendelle before being magically lifted into Elsa's Ice Palace.

Elsa's Ice Palace Frozen Ever After Ride Epcot Walt Disney World

It is there that Elsa recreates the moment she embraced her powers on the balcony of her ice palace, sending you out into the ice-filled wilderness once again, this time joined by some of her creatures before sending you down a waterfall.

You then reenter the kingdom of Arendelle where for the first time you are greeted by both Anna and Elsa before leaving your boat.

This holiday gave Disney the perfect storyline for a ride featuring much of the best music and locations from the modern classic Disney animated film Frozen, telling an original story that you get to experience in the world of Elsa and Anna.