5 Fun Facts About The Prom Broadway Musical


The Prom at the Longacre Theatre Broadway New York City

The Prom is a musical that originally ran on Broadway in 2018. Featuring a storyline following a teenager who ends up at the center of a national political moment when her prom is canceled to prevent her from being allowed to bring her girlfriend.

Here are five fun facts about this wonderful modern musical.

1. Drama Desk Award

This musical won a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical during its original Broadway run.

2. Onstage Wedding

During the Broadway run of this musical, an onstage wedding occurred between two women, which was the first known wedding on a Broadway stage in history.

3. Real Incident

While the characters are fictionalized, the plot has its basis in reality, being based on a 2010 incident in Mississippi.

4. Macy's Parade

The Prom Musical Broadway Marquee New York City

The kiss featured during The Prom performance on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was the first LGBTQ+ kiss ever shown on the parade.

5. Film Adaptation

This musical had a film adaptation made by Netflix and Ryan Murphy shortly after the Broadway run.