Venus Vortex Water Slide Opens at Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce

Venus Vortex Lake Compounce Water Slide Crocodile Cove

This past weekend Lake Compounce opened their brand new Venus Vortex waterslide, a brand new attraction in their Crocodile Cove water park.

Venus Vortex Water Slide at Lake Compounce Amusement Park

Located near the wave pool of the water park, this is by far the largest single slide in the park, with its massive Venus Flytrap-themed bowl dominating the skyline of the water park.

Venus Vortex Water Slide Lake Compounce 2021 New Ride

This slide gets you completely drenched with the combination of a series of turns and the main drop into the bowl, but the final splashdown with water pouring onto you is the element that will ensure you do not leave this slide dry.

During the opening, the loading of this attraction was quite slow, despite very low crowds due to cold and rainy weather, so hopefully, these will improve as workers at the attraction gain more experience with the new ride.

This is by far the best-themed slide in the water park, with the entrance covered in Venus Flytrap statues, and featuring special tubes tied in with the ride.

Venus Vortex Water Slide Bowl Crocodile Cove Water Park Lake Compounce

This is a massive waterslide with a great color scheme that is a wonderful addition to the water park at Lake Compounce.