Main Street USA Disneyland Diamond Celebration 60th Anniversary Decorations: Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Disneyland Penny Arcade Main Street USA 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration

For the 60th anniversary of Disneyland, much of the park received special limited-time magic to celebrate the milestone. One of the most elaborately changed lands was the entrance land to Disneyland, Main Street USA.

Main Street USA Diamond 60th Anniversary Celebration Disneyland

Main Street USA was given a special set of decorations for the Diamond Anniversary of Disneyland to help immediately immerse you in the festivities from the moment you entered the park.

Disney Clothiers LTD Main Street USA Disneyland Diamond Anniversary Decorations

The decorations covered every building in the land and fit the park perfectly.

Carnation Cafe Diamond Anniversary 60th Anniversary Decorations Main Street USA Disneyland

The land had its normal patriotic red, white, and blue bunting removed and replaced with a blue and white series of decorations fitting the style of the Diamond Celebration.

Disneyland 60th Anniversary Celebration Train Station Decorations

This was also joined by a special logo for the celebration beign added to the entrance Mickey Mouse floral in front of the train station of Main Street USA.

Paint The Night Parade Main Street USA Disneyland

These special decorations covered the entire land and all of the shops and restaurants with some subtle decorations that fit the land but allowed you to know immediately that something special was happening in the resort.

Main Street USA Emporium Disneyland Decorated For Diamond Anniversary

These decorations were temporary and would be removed following the celebration and will probably never return to the park. They were a special limited-time celebration that will be remembered fondly for years to come.

Main Street USA Diamond Celebration Disneyland