Review: Silver Bullet Roller Coaster at Knotts Berry Farm

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B&M Inverted Cobra Roll Silver Bullet Roller Coaster Knotts Berry Farm

Silver Bullet is a massive roller coaster located at Knotts Berry Farm. This B&M inverted roller coaster is located at the entrance of the park as part of the Ghost Town section of the park, and it serves as a visual icon for the park.

Featuring six inversions this is one of the most intense roller coasters in the park, giving it a world-class coaster.

Silver Bullet Roller Coaster Behind Camp Snoopy Sign Knotts Berry Farm

This roller coaster begins with a lift hill before entering an almost 110-foot first drop to the right and entering the first inversion, a 105-foot tall loop almost as tall as the drop you have just descended.

Silver Bullet Roller Coaster From Calico Mine Ride Knotts Berry Farm

You then turn into the most visible element of the coaster, the massive cobra roll located above the entrance plaza of the park.

Silver Bullet Passing Over Ghost Town B&M Roller Coaster Knotts Berry Farm

It then enters a zero-g roll before going through an incredibly forceful helix at high speed and transitioning into two corkscrews. The ride then ends with another helix that provides a stronger and more forceful ending to the attraction than it appears from the outside.

This ride is well-paced and built for speed. Many coasters lose a lot of momentum as they continue towards the end of their layout, but this keeps a consistent level of speed that makes the final helixes some of the best elements of the layout.

Silver Bullet Roller Coaster Station B&M Knotts Berry Farm

This is a smaller scale inverted roller coaster when compared to other B&M coasters of the same model, but it manages to pack in some intense forces despite its relatively small stats, and it still has more inversions than any other coaster in the park.

Knotts Berry Farm Entrance Ticket Buildings Amusement Park

Silver Bullet is one of the best coasters at Knotts Berry Farm, providing a unique coaster to the region that is a great intense coaster for the park.