Intergalactic Revue Rotating Carousel Show: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland

Star Wars Launch Bay Building at Night Tomorrowland Disneyland

Tomorrowland 2055 was a plan in the 1990s to transform and modernize Tomorrowland in Disneyland, which had been becoming increasingly dated and empty as attractions closed and were not replaced. One of the primary problems this plan would have attempted to fix would have been the empty carousel theater left by America Sings.

Disneyland featured a carousel theater which originally housed Carousel of Progress before it moved to the Magic Kingdom, later housing America Sings, a show about American music that was created to celebrate the bicentennial of the country and had closed in 1988, leaving a building in the center of Tomorrowland empty.

The initial plan was for a new carousel show to be developed for the land that was set to be called Placu's Fantastic Intergalactic Revue, or Galactic Revue (various documents differ on which word is used).

The idea behind this show would be similar to America Sings in operation, featuring a collection of bands performing music as you transitioned to different sets, only instead of it being American music, you would be watching alien bands perform songs from outer space.

The building would have been lightly redesigned to look like a UFO for this land, adding to the new theming for the area.

When Tomorrowland 2055 was canceled it would be decided that the carousel theater infrastructure would be scrapped and the building itself would be transformed into a Disneyland version of Innoventions. No rotating theater show has come to Disneyland since, with the building being utilized as a flex exhibit space ever since.