Saying Goodbye to Brer Fox, Brer, Rabbit, and Brer Bear

Disney Character Tribute

Brer Bear Character on Main Street USA Disney World

Since Splash Mountain is facing an imminent closure and Disney is pushing to remove all references to Song of the South from the parks, it is time to say goodbye to the meet and greet characters based on its three major characters, Brer Fox, Brer Bear, and Brer Rabbit.

Brer Fox Character Magic Kingdom Disney World

These characters were present from the early days of the Disney Parks with most of their recent appearances in the Disney Parks either being tied to Splash Mountain or in a Disney World parade as part of a montage of tons of Disney characters.

Brer Rabbit Hugging Child Magic Kingdom Disney World

These characters will probably never appear in the Disney Parks outside of Tokyo Disneyland again.

Brer Bear Character in the Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World


  1. Such a shame to see the end of these iconic characters. I wish Disney could create an animated series based on Brer Rabbit's adventures which removes any form of racism so the next generation can enjoy Song of the South but for the future.


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