Review: Loki Episode 4 The Nexus Event

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Mobius and Ravonna Talking To Each Other Loki Marvel Disney Plus

The fourth episode of Loki reestablished the entire universe of the TVA and has the potential to rebalance the entire MCU, with several major developments that will almost certainly have long-lasting impacts beyond this one series.

Be aware that due to several massive reveals in the episode, a spoiler warning is in effect for the episode's review. If you do not want major elements of the episode ruined for you, stop reading now and go watch the series on Disney Plus.

Spoiler Warning

Sylvie as a Child Being Taken Prisoner By The TVA Loki Disney Plus

This episode begins with a look at how Sylvie became a variant on the loose from the TVA. She was taken as a child for her crime, which is not revealed to us, and after being checked into the TVA by Ravonna, she escapes. Ravonna sees this and does not do anything major to stop her in the moment.

Loki and Sylvie Sitting On Lamentis Waiting For The End of The World Disney Plus

The episode then moves where the last one ended, with Loki and Sylvie trapped on Lamentis as its destruction approaches. Meanwhile, the TVA continues looking for the two variants as they are unable to view them due to the problems revealed in the last episode relating to apocalypses.

As a part of this opening segment, we learn something major about the TVA, that Hunter C-20 is dead following "losing her mind" after her time with Sylvie.

Loki Being Taken Prisoner By The TVA Marvel Disney Plus

During this Loki and Sylvie are captured after a massive split in the timeline develops on Lamentis unlike anything yet seen in the show. They are then separated into different cells in the TVA, with Mobius taking Loki once again.

Lady Sif In TVA Time Cell Loki Disney Plus Series

In this cell Loki attempts to explain what he has learned of the TVA, that all of the agents are actually variants, but Mobius places him in a time cell. In it, he is forced to relive a moment where Sif continually hits and kicks him while telling him that he will be alone on repeat.

Hunter B-15 Confused By Sylvie Loki Disney Plus

Mobius briefly talks with Ravonna before returning to Loki, where Loki lies about the cause of the timeline shift on Lamentis during their talk, as well as talking of a more extensive plan between the two varriants. Eventually, Mobius realizes that it was in fact created because a romantic relationship is developing between Sylvie and Loki (who are in fact the same person from different timelines).

Loki Speaking to Mobius About Sylvie Disney Plus

Loki does manage to successfully explain the origins of TVA agents to Mobus before being returned to his cell.

Sylvie In a TVA Prison Loki Disney Plus

During this encounter, Hunter B-15 goes to speak with Sylvie and takes her to the Roxxcart apocalypse.

Sylvie and Hunter B-15 Meeting at Roxxcart Loki Disney Plus Marvel

There she reveals that when Sylvie manipulated her, she gained access to some of her memories before the TVA. She asks to see more, and reacts strongly to seeing herself happy in her original life.

Ravonna and Mobius Meeting in Her Office TVA Loki Disney Plus

During these events, Mobius has his meeting with Ravonna, where he struggles with his newfound questions about the TVA and his friendship with Ravonna. Neither seems to trust the other anymore, but both are left to feel the other out and try to pull as much information from each other as they can.

As a part of this conversation, we learn that the Timekeepers want to personally see the destruction of both variants with Mobius and Ravonna, and Mobius leaves saying he wants some rest before this happens.

Before he leaves though, he switches devices with Ravonna.

Mobius Watching a Video in TVA Library Loki Disney Plus

Mobius is then seen in the library viewing the file on Ravonna's unrestricted device about C-20, where she talks to Ravonna about being a variant and what she saw during her time with Sylvie.

This causes Mobius to go back to Loki where they discuss teaming up to figure out what is going on. But as soon as they leave the time cell Ravonna is waiting for them now realizing the deception.

Mobius Being Killed Loki Disney Plus Marvel

Mobius attempts to reason with her before exclaiming that he wishes to visit his original timeline as Ravonna orders him destroyed.

Loki Reacting to the Death of Mobius Disney Plus

Loki is visually distraught after Mobius is killed, but he is brought with the noticeably still imprisoned Sylvie to the Timekeepers.

While being transported Sylvie asks Ravonna what her original crime was, to which she says that she does not remember.

The Timekeepers Loki Marvel Disney Plus

The trio arrive at the Timekeepers, where Sylvie and Loki are asked to explain themselves. Sylvie does most of the talking during this but nothing major comes of the argument beyond some interactions with the three Timekeepers.

Hunter B-15 Freeing Sylvie and Loki Disney Plus Marvel

As this is occurring, Hunter B-15 arrives and frees Loki and Sylvie, allowing them to fight back against Ravonna and the other agents, although she is quickly taken out of the battle.

Loki Stabbing TVA Agent In Front Of The Timekeepers Disney Plus

Eventually, the two take down all of their captors, and even manage to decapitate one of the Timekeepers. But in this they find out that the Timekeepers are in fact merely androids with no agency of their own.

Loki Being Disintegrated In Front of Sylvie By Ravonna Disney Plus Marvel

Loki expresses that things will be ok and that they will figure things out to Sylvie. When asked about these feelings by Sylvie he appears to attempt to explain his feelings to her, but as he begins to hold her, he is disintegrated by Ravonna.

Sylvie Threatening Ravonna Renslayer Loki Disney Plus

Sylvie quickly overpowers her, and Ravonna begs to be killed, but Sylvie refuses, instead asking to be told everything.

At this point, the credits start to play, but the episode is not over yet.

Loki Waking Up Post Credits Scene Marvel Disney Plus

In a post-credits scene, it is revealed that somehow Loki survived his death (should we really be shocked at this point) and is encountered by several other Lokis, not all of which are human.

Alternate Versions of Loki Post Credits Scene Episode 4 Disney Plus

These all appear to be additional variants from alternate timelines and their existence may be the first real evidence of the multiverse in practice in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Loki killed off two (or one, or none?) major characters in this episode and completely changed what we thought we knew about the TVA. As the series continues, the question still remains as to who is actually controlling the TVA. The natural choice seems to be Kang the Conqueror at this point, but it really could be anyone.

It remains to be seen what will come of a romantic relationship between the two variants, or if they will even meet again.

The fate of Mobius is also somewhat up for debate right now, considering that Loki was saved from the same fate just moments later.

What is clear is that something big is happening that has not yet been revealed, and with a multiverse still to introduce this series is far from over, proving to be intensely capable of complicated storylines, intense action scenes, and suspenseful dramatic build-up with each new episode.