Look Back On The Short Lived Reimagined Frozen Broadway


Ciara Renee as Elsa Frozen Broadway Poster Shubert Alley

During what ended up being its final few weeks on Broadway, the stage production of Frozen saw a reimagining on the level seen by few Broadway shows in the middle of their run, involving a new book, and replacing songs.

The show replaced its main cast, notably featuring a new Anna (McKenzie Kurtz) and Elsa (Ciara Renee) alongside the script changes.

Frozen Broadway New Logo Marquee St James Theatre

The show also featured a newly reimagined logo that appeared on all the new marketing for the show, including the theater and Playbill.

This new production would be unfortunately short-lived as the show would close forever as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

Froze Broadway Reimagined Logo Stage Door St James Broadway Theatre

This reimagined production will likely live on in the tour of Frozen when live performances of this scale can resume. Many of the changes that originated in the tour and will live on where they first began.