What Luca Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Luca and Alberto Riding a Homemade Vespa Pixar Disney Plus

Luca is the latest film from Disney and Pixar and it is a wonderful story set in the Italian countryside with tons of great characters. It is currently set to be the next Disney Magic Kingdoms update according to the latest info. But who should come to the game?

Today I am predicting which characters will get added to the game based on this film as well as some potential attractions.

We do not know if this will be a limited content update or a permanent content update yet. We have not had either in a while so they would both make sense, and the film could lend itself to either. So I going to discuss all the major characters in the order that I think they would be added to the game.

Luca as a Human Confused Pixar Disney Plus

There are two natural additions to Disney Magic Kingdoms from the film, Luca and Alberto. They are the main two characters from the film and would be great to see in the game.

Alberto Scared as a Sea Monster Luca Pixar Disney Plus

My biggest question is how they would implement both their human and sea monster forms. It would be strange to not include either of their forms in either costumes or animations.

Giulia Looking Out Her Window Luca Disney Plus

Beyond these two characters, I think the most likely character would be Giulia. The film really follows the trio of her, Luca, and Alberto, and I could see a smaller update including just the three of them.

Massimo Luca and Giulia in the Kitchen Pixar Disney Plus

Beyond her, I think that there are three characters that are about equally likely to be added and they are Luca's parents and Giulia's father. They are each significant characters in the film, but small enough that I don't think they would be the major characters in an update.

Luca Being Held By His Mother Underwater Pixar Disney Plus

They could all add to a potential storyline, adding fishing storylines or Luca's parent's trying to find him to the game. 

There is one more major character that I think would make a great addition to the game, and that is Ercole. He is the closest thing the game has to a villain and would be fun to see as a part of the game, adding problems for all the other characters in the game's storyline.

Beyond them, I don't see a lot of characters big enough to be worth adding to the game but I am going to talk about a few wildcard characters that I could see maybe getting added.

Grandma Paguro Sleeping Underwater Luca Pixar Disney Plus

The first is Luca's grandmother. She is a smaller character but could easily be added if the game needs another character, especially with her knowledge of both the human and sea monster worlds.

Ugo in the Deep Ocean Luca Pixar Disney Plus

Ugo could be another addition that might make sense. He is a character that is largely disconnected from the story and could be a good premium character, adding some nice side quests.

Now that I have discussed characters, I'm going to talk about what I could see inspiring attractions in the game.

The first would probably be a Vespa, or the homemade Vespas from the film. This is a huge part of the movie and is a natural choice for an attraction.

Giulia in Portorosso Pixar Luca Disney Plus

Beyond that, I would probably see one ride being based on the town and one based on the underwater world. The worlds of Luca are vibrant and colorful and could easily inspire great attractions in the game.

Luca as a Sea Monster In Bed Pixar Disney Plus

Have you seen Luca yet? What characters do you hope get added in the update? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!