Alice In Wonderland Ride Disneyland Guide

Opening Date: June 14th, 1958

Alice In Wonderland was the first dark ride added to Disneyland and it is the only one of the classic Disneyland dark rides to never be cloned to any other Disney Park in the world, making it a Disneyland exclusive attraction.

This ride takes you into Wonderland in a two-floor dark ride that recreates many of the film's most iconic moments and is filled with its best characters.



Thrill Rating 1/10

This is a slow-moving dark ride with no scary elements.


Alice In Wonderland Ride Station Disneyland

Alice In Wonderland Yellow Ride Vehicle Fantasyland Disneyland

Alice In Wonderland Ride Mushroom Sign Disneyland

Special Information

The old ticket booth for this attraction is still found in the queue line of this ride.