What Treasure Planet Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add to the Game?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Jim Hawkins Sky Surfing Treasure Planet Disney

Treasure Planet is a cult fan favorite film of many Disney fans. Transforming the classic Treasure Island story into science fiction created a film unlike others Disney had attempted before in a time they were trying to reach out to new audiences. Today we are going to imagine what an update to Disney Magic Kingdoms based on this film might look like.

So far the game has largely avoided Disney films from the 2000s, but with increasingly less animated Disney films left to add, they will likely turn to this period sooner or later so we are speculating what characters will get added and what the attractions might be based on this film.

Considering that Emperor's New Groove, another film from the period was added as a permanent content update I would expect it to be added in a similar way. It also would fit pretty well in the Adventureland section they are opening with these updates.

What this means though, is we are likely talking about fewer overall characters getting added to the game. This would mean probably only around four characters.

The most obvious character from the film that would be added before anyone else would be Jim Hawkins. He is the main character and one of the most well-known from the film and no storyline could really exist without him.

The next most likely character I would guess would be BEN. While a smaller character, he has grown to be one of the best-known characters in the film.

Beyond this, I would bet on the remaining characters being some of the remaining characters who survived the events of the film. Disney Magic Kingdoms usually tells original storylines with their events, and the deaths in this film were all pretty permanent. Assuming the update tells a new story this would pretty much be a requirement.

Jim Hawkins BEN and Morph on Treasure Planet Disney

There are really four more characters that could be easily added beyond this.

Two of these characters would probably be added in a pair, Captain Amelia and Dr. Doppler. The characters (spoiler alert) marry at the end of the film so it likely would not make sense for either to be added alone.

There are also two other characters that would be easy to add, Morph and John Silver. Both are survivors and are main characters with strong ties to the other likely characters.

Treasure Planet Moon City Disney

As for attractions, there are really two major attractions I can see getting added to the game. Most of the locations in the film are much too big to be featured in the game, but the ships could make for great attraction.

I can easily see both a version of the main pirate style ship being one of the attractions added in this update. Also, Jim's sky surfing could easily inspire an attraction and it will surely find its way into the game in some way as it is one of the most recognizable scenes in the movie.

This film could inspire a great event, and hopefully it will at some point in the future.


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  4. i'm Still Here event characters: Jim Doppler Amelia B.e.n. Morph Silver and Scroop


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