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Original Version Opening Date: July 17th, 1955

Current Version Opening Date: May 23rd, 1983

The Mad Tea Party is a classic Disneyland attraction that has been at the park since opening date, although the current version is not in its original location, being placed next to the Alice In Wonderland ride and making a miniature Wonderland section of Fantasyland.

This classic spinning teacups attraction is a quintessential Disneyland experience that is perfect for guests of all ages to experience.


Night Offride

Daytime Offride

Thrill Rating 1/10

You control the thrill of this attraction by controlling how much you spin. It can be both an incredibly tame experience or a more intense ride, it all depends on you.


Mad Tea Party Empty Ride Fantasyland Disneyland

Empty Mad Tea Party Night Fantasyland Disneyland

Night Mad Tea Party Teacups Fantasyland Disneyland

Mad Tea Party Night Time Fantasyland Disneyland

Mad Tea Party At Night Fantasyland Disneyland

Alice In Wonderland Area Fantasyland Disneyland

Special Information

You can find one of this attractions ride vehicles set up for photos outside of The Mad Hatter shop next to the attraction.