Tomorrowland 2055: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland

Tomorrowland Entrance Sign Disneyland

In the 1990s Disney Parks around the world were facing the problem that their Tomorrowland's, all of which were designed at the height of the space race, were quickly becoming horribly outdated. This would lead to a variety of proposals on how to fix that problem and make the lands more timeless. In Disneyland, this meant a plan that would transform the land into an intergalactic spaceport in a plan known as Tomorrowland 2055.

This plan would have placed the land in a fictionalized version of the year 2055 and imagine Tomorrowland as an intergalactic spaceport city. It was similar in style to the plan that would end up coming to the Magic Kingdom version of Tomorrowland, but it would involve multiple new attractions and an extensive redesign of the entire land.

Few areas of this land would be left untouched, with the only major attractions left in something resembling their current form would have been Space Mountain, Star Tours, and the submarines.

The rest would have all been new or reimagined attractions that we will go through in the next few weeks, including a new carousel theater show, a more elaborate version of Rocket Rods, and a more elaborate version of Alien Encounter.

Tomorrowland Old Peoplemover Tracks Disneyland

It would be canceled in the aftermath of the financial crisis caused by the failure of the Euro Disneyland Resort, and replaced with a much less elaborate retheme that was immediately panned by critics and fans, and it would be gradually reverted to a more traditional Tomorrowland style.