Laffite Island: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland

Laffite's Landing Sign Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland

Generally regarded as one of the best areas of the park, New Orleans Square has changed little since it first opened at Disneyland, but one elaborate plan almost drastically changed the area and combined it with Tom Sawyer Island into one storyline that connects all of the attractions. This would have been Laffite Island.

This plan would have connected the two areas with a pirate-themed walkthrough underneath the Rivers of America.

Laffite Archway New Orleans Square 1794 Disneyland

The entrance to the walkthrough would have reportedly been located in the above archway that still exists in the park, near the viewing area for Fantasmic.

It would have been themed based on the pirate Jean Laffite that was featured in a shop in New Orleans Square and the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, adding to the newfound interconnected storyline of the area.

The ride would have been located essentially entirely underground, in new tunnels creating an underground crypt dedicated to the remains and treasures of the former pirate, in a way serving as a spiritual successor to the Musem of the Weird, the never-built walkthrough that was planned as part of the Haunted Mansion. While based on the other attraction in the land, it was functionally similar in style to this other never-built attraction.

Sailing Ship Columbia Passing Through the Rivers of America Disneyland

This attraction would never be built, leaving New Orleans Square without a major new addition ever since, although it should receive one in the near future when Splash Mountain is incorporated into the land as a part of the Princess and the Frog retheme.

Jean Laffite never got his own attraction, but he remains a significant part of New Orleans Square to this day.