Thor in Hollywoodland Disney Character Tribute

Thor Avenger Character Disney California Adventure Disneyland Resort

Various Marvel characters have made appearances at Disney California Adventure over the last few years, but one of the best to meet was when Thor made an appearance in the park.

Thor was a character who made less regular appearances in the Disney Parks than other Avengers, but was one of the most fun characters if you happened to find him on one of your visits to the Disneyland Resort.

Thor Superhero Character Summer of Heroes Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Thor was typically found somewhere in Hollywoodland, sometimes in a traditional meet and greet but more often he would just wander the land, choosing random guests to interact with and having fun in the land.

Thor Character in Hollywoodland Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Thor will hopefully soon have a permanent home at Disney California Adventure in Avengers Campus, the all-new Marvel land opening this month.