What Inside Out Characters Should Be Added To Disney Magic Kingdoms?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Bing Bong and Joy Inside Out Construction Wall Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Disney Magic Kingdoms has added almost every single Pixar film to the game, but one of the last significant films that has yet to be added to the game is Inside Out.

Today we are speculating on what characters and attractions would be added to the game when an Inside Out update eventually happens.

Joy and Sadness Inside Out Parade Float Pixar Play Parade Disneyland

First, there are five characters that would definitely be added to the game in any update based on the film. These are of course the five emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, who are the main characters and would have to be added as an entire group.

If these are the only characters added I would assume that this is going to be a smaller permanent content update or mini-event. They could certainly make an event with only these characters especially if the storyline were to take place after the events of the original films.

But assuming the update was bigger there are certainly other characters who could be added.

Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff Sign Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure Disneyland

The next most obvious would be Bing Bong, Riley's imaginary friend. Even though he dies in the film, death hasn't stopped Disney Magic Kingdoms from adding characters in the past, so he could probably still make an appearance, especially with how popular he is.

I am going to say though I would not expect Riley to be added as a character. It would just be weird to see Riley wandering around with her emotions and potentially alongside an attraction that would technically be located inside her head. Also, despite the film taking place in her consciousness, she isn't a huge character in the film and could merely appear in dialogue or be referenced in the attractions.

Now from this point on, any other characters I think are much less likely to be added than those already discussed, but there are still other possibilities that are worth mentioning.

Rainbow Unicorn Poster Bing Bong's Sweet Shop Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure Disneyland

First, Rainbow Unicorn could be an interesting character to add, but she is a relatively small character that would really only be added if they needed to fill out an event.

Finally, I think maybe there is a chance for one of the workers to be included, but I would think they would be more likely to be the tapper event of the update.

Moving on to attractions, there are tons of potential things in the film that could inspire a ride.

But first, there is an Inside Out ride in the Disney Parks that should be included in the update, Emotional Whirlwind in Disney California Adventure. This is a spinner attraction that would look great in the game. The neighboring Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff could also be a good addition as well, although it being a shop could keep it from coming to the game.

Beyond that, a could of attractions based on Riley's head could certainly be a good idea, significantly the Headquarters and Imaginationland I think would be good additions to the game. Really there are so many choices and none of them are bad.

Inside Out would be a great addition to Disney Magic Kingdoms and hopefully it comes to the game soon!