Review: Loki Episode 2 The Varriant

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Loki and Mobius Talk at the Time Variance Authority Marvel Disney Plus

The second episode of Loki has premiered, revealing more about the TVA as well as several new developments that will have almost certainly have long-lasting impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond the series.

Spoiler Warning

Cloaked Loki Dragging TVA Agent Through Time Door Marvel Disney Plus

The second episode of Loki begins with TVA agents arriving at a Medieval Fair to solve an unknown disturbance.

 This ends up resulting in a quick battle scene to the tune of Holding Out For a Hero between the agents and the cloaked Loki variant.

Loki Talking to Miss Minute at Desk Disney Plus Marvel

After this short battle, the episode returns to the TVA where Loki is learning the basic rules of his new job from Miss Minute, who is now an animated character within the real world, but before she can finish he is called into a mission.

Loki Observing Holograms of Loki Variants Disney Plus Marvel

In the prep for the mission, it is revealed that there have been many Loki variants in the past, apparently more than most other people they have to deal with. This also shows more about the ongoing conflict between various members of the TVA about the usage of the current Loki variant.

Loki and Mobius at a Medieval Fair Disney Plus Marvel

After an uneventful trip to the Medieval fair where Loki attempts to manipulate the agents into giving him more power, the agents begin the search for an agent that the cloaked Loki has taken hostage, agent 20.

Mobius then meets with Ravonna Renslayer back at the TVA headquarters, where Loki's fate is discussed. Mobius is given one more chance to learn from this version of Loki before he is assumably disintegrated.

Loki at the Time Variance Authority Library Disney Plus Marvel

Loki is brought to a library where he is told to examine the files on the other Loki. In this he finds additional files on the destruction of Asguard, developing a theory that that is where Loki is hiding in this or another apocalyptic event. As the city is about to be destroyed, nothing he did would be detected as the city is about to be destroyed anyway.

Loki and Mobius at the Destruction of Pompeii Marvel Disney Plus

Mobius and Loki agree to test this theory in the field after some fighting, starting with the destruction of Pompeii. Loki attempts to manipulate the timeline, but even after revealing the existence of the TVA then nothing happens to the timeline.

When Loki and Mobius return to the TVA they have a discussion on its existence and free will. Given how this organization works, little remains for personal choice of the majority of residents of the universe.

Roxxcart Superstore Marvel Disney Plus Loki TV Series

Loki then finds an apocalyptic event in the mid 21st century that appears suspicious and the TVA agrees to check it out. Apparently, there are a multitude of climate-related apocalyptic events in this time period, but Loki chooses to look into an event at the Roxxcart superstore.

Loki and TVA Hunter B-15 in Roxxcart Disney Plus Marvel

After being forcibly separated from Mobius and forced to explore the store with TVA agent B-15.

Randy Roxxcart Employee Possessed by Loki Disney Plus Marvel

They encounter a worker who ends up being a person possessed by Loki who takes control of the agent and eventually other people to discuss events with Loki, and eventually fights him, while building a device.

TVA Agent 20 Loki Disney Plus Marvel

During the encounter, the other agents find agent 20, who is in a complete state of shock, although apparently, she has revealed to the other Loki where the Timekeepers are. She also keeps stating that its real, although it is unclear what it is.

Female Loki Played By Sophia Di Martino Marvel Disney Plus

As the device goes off the other Loki uncloaks themselves to reveal that they are in fact female, the first significant manifestation of the new development of Loki's gender fluidity in the MCU outside of a word on a document.

TVA Monitor Observing The Timeline Splitting Multiple Times Loki Disney Plus

The device ends up creating dozens of time variances all at once, causing chaos back at the TVA.

Loki Escaping Through a Time Door The Variant Disney Plus Marvel

The female Loki escapes through a portal, and the Loki we have been following continues after her as Mobius chases after him in vain.

TVA Agent B-15 Possessed By Loki Disney Plus Marvel

The status quo of even the last episode has been drastically changed by the events of this episode without much hint at how anything will play out. Loki is now loose in the universe once more, now with his female counterpart, and the allegiances of almost all of the series' actors remain unknown.