Planet Coaster Recreation of the Never Built Disney's America Industrial Revolution Roller Coaster

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Planet Coaster Recreation Disney's America Industrial Revolution Roller Coaster

Disney's America was a never-built Disney Park that was slated to be built in Virginia in the 1990s. It would have been based on American history and featured a variety of original attractions throughout the park.

In honor of the park, we decided to recreate a never built coaster from the park based on publicly available documents from the planning stages of the park.

Disney's America Industrial Revolution Roller Coaster In Planet Coaster

This would have been a thrilling outdoor roller coaster, unlike anything Disney had done before, more similar to something you might find at a Six Flags or another coaster park than a fully themed Disney theme park.

The ride would have been themed as taking place in a factory at the start of the industrial revolution and taken you both in and around a large factory building.

A sizable part of the coaster would have taken place above a large reflecting pool that guests from off the coaster could look on, making it an incredibly photogenic coaster. The inside also would reportedly have been themed, although exactly how is unknown.

This is a most exact recreation, with the only departures being information that is unknown, such as the exact heights or the layout inside the buildings.

Here is a POV of the recreation.