Review: Loki Episode 3 Lamentis

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Sylvie Disintegrating a TVA Agent Loki Disney Plus

Loki has released its third episode Lamentis, which has proven to be the most action-filled in the series yet, exploring the nature of everything we have been told thus far and giving us more questions and answers about the world these characters exist in.

Spoiler Warning

Sylvie Eating Dinner in a Restaurant Loki Disney Plus Marvel

The episode begins with a look at how the variant, who we now learn officially is known as Sylvie, learned about the Timekeepers and timeline from the agent that she had kidnapped, by creating a fake meeting at a restaurant. This allowed for the information to be revealed in casual conversation as the agent believed that Sylvie was just her friend.

Sylvie Batteling TVA Agents Loki Disney Plus Marvel

After this, we see the aftermath of episode 2, where Loki persues Sylvie through the TVA being followed by various agents and Renslayer, before they transport out of the TVA.

Lamentis-1 Moon Crater Loki Marvel Disney Plus

The two end up on Lamenitis-1 in 2077, a doomed moon on the edge of an apocalypse.

Sylvie Using TVA Device on Lamentis Loki Disney Plus

They discover on the moon quickly that their device that allows them to travel through time and space broke during the move.

Loki on Lamentis Moon Marvel Disney Plus

The two decide that in order to survive to travel to a nearby city to recharge their device, which requires a large power source.

Loki and Sylvie Walking on Lamentis Disney Plus Marvel

On the way, they pass through a largely abandoned world, coming upon an isolated house where they learn of a train to an evacuation center.

Loki Holding Sylvie At Lamentis Train Station Marvel Disney Plus

At the train, Loki and Sylvie manage to get on the train utilizing both of their powers. These scenes onboard the train appear to utilize some creative solutions to the complexities of filming group scenes amid the pandemic (this series was partially filmed during the fall of 2020) with several characters wearing masks that were worked into the costumes naturally for the series.

While onboard the train, the two discuss the complexities of their lives and how they differed, largely in regards to their relationships with their parents and their adopted status and how it led them to be the person they each are.

Sylvie Angry on Lamentis Loki Disney Plus Marvel

They are discovered mid-journey and forced off the train, breaking the device beyond repair.

This forces the two to plan a new escape as the planet that will destroy the moon approaches. Instead of teleporting off the planet, they intend to hijack the ark intended to save residents of the moon. According to the original course of events, no one survives meaning this would alter the timeline.

As they walk towards the city, Sylvie reveals how her mother joined the TVA, much to the shock of Loki. She is aware that all of the agents are varients like the two of them, not created by the Timekeepers as Loki had been told.

This is a large reveal that will have wide-reaching implications on how the organization and its agents are understood.

Sylvie and Loki in City on Lamentis Marvel Disney Plus

Upon arriving in the town, Loki and Sylvie watch as the gate to the ark is closed and they plan to go around and search for another entrance. But at that moment, the planet that will destroy the moon breaks in half, leading to a massive increase in asteroids.

Loki and Sylvie Watching the Lamentis Ark Destroyed Disney Plus Marvel

After battling guards and nearly making it on the ship, they watch as it is destroyed by one of the asteroids, leaving them stranded.

This episode raised the stakes for the series and restablished some of the norms that had been created, calling into question everything we had learned from the TVA. Many of the reveals are not given the time they deserve given the increased level of action present in this episode, and they will hopefully be explored further as the series continues.

Loki has continued to evolve just as its titular character has into something that is changing how the Marvel Cinematic Universe operates, but how that changes is still something of an unknown factor.