Woody Disney Character Tribute

Woody Signing Autographs in Frontierland Disneyland

Many characters from hit Disney and Pixar films find a permanent place in the parks to meet with guests. It is rare that one finds so many locations in the Disney Parks to meet guests on an open-ended basis, and that is what has happened with Woody the classic Pixar character from the Toy Story franchise.

Woody Toy Story Character Frontierland Disneyland

Woody has found a regular home not only in Frontierland's around the world, but also in Pixar themed areas.

Woody is regularly found in multiple versions of Toy Story Land, as well as Pixar Pier.

He has moved around a lot over the years as Disney tried to find a place to insert Toy Story into the parks, with his locations solidifying in recent years with more permanent Toy Story attractions in the Disney Parks. His look has remained constant as the years went on, appearing alongside numerous other Toy Story characters in both meet and greets and parades including Buzz Lightyear and Bo Peep.

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