Review: Potato Patch Chicken Tenders and Fries

Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce may be a small amusement park, but it holds some high-quality food options. From Johnny Rockets to the only east coast location of Pink's Hot Dogs there are some great places to eat here.

But the original options at Lake Compounce are often just as good as their more famous chain locations within the park.

Potato Patch, a small food stand located just past the entry gates of the park serves a collection of chicken, fries, and baked potatoes.

On a recent visit, one of our regional reporters reviewed the chicken tenders and fries meal at this location, which is known primarily for their natural cut fries at the park.

The chicken is quite juicy and well seasoned, making for a filling meal to eat after traveling throughout the park on a hot day. It is crispy but not hard, with a strong flavor. The star of the meal though is really the fries.

The fries are natural cut and perfectly cooked. The flavor of them is honestly strong enough that no dipping sauce is needed. It manages to not be overly salty while still clinging to a strong seasoning on each fry, and they are cooked consistently throughout the day meaning you will always get a hot batch of fries.

These Lake Compounce exclusive offerings are strong enough to compete with more famous restaurants and even outpace them on some food items. Be sure to stop here for a meal on your next visit to Lake Compounce.