We The People: Never Built Disney's America Part 9

We The People Disney's America Concept Art

Disney's America was meant to tell you the entire American story, from beginning to the recent present. It makes sense then that there would be an area dedicated to how a majority of American family's stories began.

Welcome to Never Built Disney's America, where we explore the lands and attractions of Disney's America. Check out the whole series so far here. Today we are exploring the We The People land of Disney's America.

Most lands in Disney's America were based on different periods of American history, but the land we are discussing today was instead based on a shared experience many American stories began with.

America is defined by accepting people from all walks of life and all countries in to find their own American Dream in the land of opportunity, and this land would have recreated the symbol of this part of the American experience, Ellis Island.

The land would mostly have taken place inside one massive building, which would have been home to a collection of shops, restaurants, and one major attraction, a stage show that much information was never released on.

This also would have been home to many of the museum-style exhibits of the park that would have given the park its actual educational value. Most notably there would have been exhibits on slavery and the Vietnam War, although the exact exhibit would never become public.

The slavery exhibit would become the subject of controversy due to a public statement that said it would make you feel what it was like to be a slave. This led to a public outcry of turning the worst sin of America into an attraction.

This land was an important tribute to a part of the American story that transcends time and has become one of the core values of America. The park would not feel complete without including it, but it doesn't fit well into any specific period.

This land would end with the initial plans for the park, and it would not go on to inspire any other Disney attractions at least up through right now.

Disney's America would be the end of major patriotic areas in Disney Parks, a practice that began with the initial Disneyland, and is lived on with later areas from the American Adventure at Epcot to Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom.

Disney's America Concept Art Full Park

This land would have paid tribute to the important history of the United States as a nation of immigrants, and its a shame we never saw it realized to its full potential.

Be sure to come back again next week as we explore the Family Farm themed land from Disney's America. But be sure to first check out the entire series so far here.